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With the rising cost of living, many must be affected. Have you considered having a second job? Earning more money or even starting your own business? It worked for Tim Low, the founder of Tim Bodycare Training Centre.

“I used to be a senior manager in a multinational company, earning RM6,000 per month. However, my increment did not correlate with the rising cost of living.Fuel prices were rising. Even the nasi lemak prices rose 50%. It was increasingly hard to provide for my family and I knew I needed a solution. But I feared losing a stable job and becoming self-employed seemed risky”. said Low.

“I knew I had to equip myself with extra skills. I spent RM38,000 to do an MBA, but that knowledge didn’t get me far. My solution came from looking at my personality.”

“I realized I was a caring, sociable person who liked to solve problems. I took a course to learn professional massage, because I got to meet people, solve their problems and pain via proper massage treatment.

After this course, I started to working part time earning extra income. Then I saw the opportunity to earn more money. I quit my job and started a massage centre.

“Now, I don’t have financial problems and I am able to take my family on holiday anytime I want.” Learning how to massage was the best decision Low made for himself. What about you?

Many massage therapists who graduated from Tim Bodycare choose to be their own boss by owing a SOHO home business, doing the bulk of their business from their home.

Alternatively, giving a massage at customer’s office (corportate massage), meeting room or conferences are becoming very popular.

Tim bodycare Training Centre is a pioneer in providing professional physiotherapy and aromatherapy massage training in Malaysia.

Call us NOW to discover how you can benefit by gaining these healthcare skills.

If you are looking for trained therapists, please fax/email us your requirements.


The fastest way to add value to your résumé is to do an internship. You see, by internship, you gain GREAT professional skills, but also benefit significantly by gathering insight into a particular industry or organizational culture, and establish connections that might lead to a job.

Our company Tim Body Care Training Centre is offering 5 positions now. We prefer under-grads who is passionate, and able to complete tasks.

Internship for Marketing/Advertising/Entrepreneur Students
Internship for Management/ Operation Administration / Human Resource Students
Internship for Accounting and Finance Internship
Internship for Info-Tech-Multimedia Internship

Send particulars to:

Tim Body Care Training Centre


Immediate interview appointment 019-3323038 or HR MANAGER = Mr. Faraz email to

Address No 2, 1st Floor, 
Lorong 8/1E, Petaling Jaya, 
46050, Selangor, Malaysia.
Office Number +603 7960 0018 / +6019 3323 038
Fax Number +603-7960 6800



Below, there are testimonials from previous internship students:

"I really had a wonderful experience working with Tim Body Care Training Centre as a Business & Operation trainee. I am not only exposed to the working environment for the first time, I am also able to discover my strengths and weaknesses so I can improve myself. I have learned so many things that it is impossible for me to list everything in here. Now I have a clear goal and direction. I am more focus on what I want to achieve in my life. The last day with Tim Body Care Training Centre made me realized that I am a different person compared to the first time I step inside the office. I am a better person than I was before and will continue to develop myself to be successful in my life".

Mr.Hafiz Hassan Multimedia University (MMU), from 3 Feb- 3 May2008 Hafiz got a near RM3K job in an international bank after his internship.

"On 1st April 2008, I report to duty at Tim body caretraining centre. My first task is to do editing and shooting video. My boss, he just gave six different video and he said "study and do your homework". I am speechless and thinking what I suppose to do and don't know what he mean , but all my question has been answered after supervisor gave me clear explanation regarding my task, and I understand what I need to do for the 6 videos he have given. In 2 months I able to finish my entire task even tough it quiet impossible task. Hahaha……on my last day, I feel satisfied with all my products and I know I have spend a hard time here doing all the six task but still thank you Tim". 

Ms.Marlina bt Ismail Multimedia University, MMU from 1 April- 30 May 2008 Marlina as multimedia students now do training videos for corporates.

"Thanks to all whom guide and cooperation given to me as a website Designer, Special thanks to Mr. Tim as "Leader/father/friend" lead us during my internship programme. I am also happy working at PJ and Wisma central branch with other student (MMU). I am also very happy when get my salary end of month Hehehehe………..I actually cannot believe that I can do preview before this…but now I know that I can do preview and communicate well. Thank you a lot for the cooperation". 

Mr.Mohd Shazni bin Jaapar, Multimedia University,MMU from 1 Feb- 15 May 2008 Shazni now sign up many companies (domestic and international) for website design as a freelance web designer with a lot of freedom of time. 

"I would like to thank Tim, for giving me an opportunity to learn and apply my knowledge. I have seen myself grow in confidence and knowledge thru out my internship. Tim has given me the freedom to work creative and also support in many ways .In Tim Body care I have chance of exchanging ideas with other intern that I can improve myself". 

Mr.Rumesh Balasubramaniam, Multimedia University (MMU), from 23 January -23 May2008 Rumesh internship experiences in Public Relations and Marketing turn out to be a surprise to him. He was offered a job to start immediately during his 1st job interview. Starting salary RM2500.

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Eestimated Earning:


Each customer for RM60 per hour x 26 days:

1 customer *  =  1,560
2 customers * = 3,120
3 customers * = 4,680
4 customers  = 6,240
5 customers ** = 7,800

*part time      ** full time


Contact us now:



Tim Bodycare Training Centre


No.2, 1st floor, Section 8-1E, 46050 Petaling Jaya


TEL: (03) 7960 0018

FAX: (03) 7960 0060